August 22 - 24, 2016
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  • Identify the key players to champion your path to data fluency
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Who Attended Last Year's Summit?

The Customer Insight & Analytics Summit returns for its fifth year with fresh perspectives to steer your organization towards data fluency. This list contains the C-Suite executives, SVPs, VPs, Directors and Managers who have joined us in previous years. Will you be there to meet and network with them?

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Customer Insight and Analytics Market Snapshot

Take a look at the Market Snapshot that will help connect and hear from our Data Insight Leaders who also face the same challenges in their own organizations.


Examples of Customer Behavior and Insights - Brought to you by Jumpshot

Jumpshot collects and analyzes URL clickstream data, which is the actual click path that users follow in their browsing activity. This provides a robust set of information, including but not limited to desktop, browser, shopping/purchasing behavior, keywords, site search terms, and streaming video titles.

The following infographics are some examples of insights obtained from the Jumpshot platform. Jumpshot analyzed data to answer questions on various topics on some of the top websites including Amazon, Google, YouTube, Apple, Airbnb, Yelp, and more.


Know Your Customers to Mitigate Your Risk

Lala Mamedov, Head of Global Support and Services at SS8, Inc., tackles a host of topics in this presentation: 

1. Identifying customers that are a good fit for your business
2. Discussion on the "angel" and "devil customers"
3. "Good revenue" versus "Bad revenue"
4. Avoiding over-investment in specific customer types

One Marketer's Journey to Useful Modeling

Albina Kehoe, Director of Database Modeling, implemented a multi-step process to overcome the top three customer intelligence and analytics challenges at Cord Blood Registry:

1. Minimum information on top of the funnel
2. Very small number of positive incomes
3. Limited time to collect engagement data

Best Practices for Building and Nurturing Your Data Science/Analytics Team

In order to recruit and retain the ideal team, Bill Rus Team Lead, Product Analytics and Data Science of Apollo Education Group (University of Phoenix), insists you must first identify where you are on the analytics maturity curve (embryonic, adopting, excelling), and then you can start building the foundation fora high-level growth strategy.


Pandora Q&A with Andrea Lopus Cardozo

Take a look at an exclusive inside look with Andrea Lopus Cardozo, Pandora's  Head of Consumer Insights where she opens up about Pandora’s customer-centric business model. 

Exclusive Q&A from Sean Xu, Head of Enterprise Information Management, Motorola

Hear from Sean Xu, Head of Enterprise Information Management, Motorola Solutions as he identifies some of Motorola's top priorities for data management & analytics in this exclusive speaker interview.

Exclusive Q&A with Visa's Director of Analytics, A/B Testing

Hear from Ramkumar Ravichandran, Director of Analytics, A/B Testing, Visa as he discusses some of the analytical methods the tech  industry uses to gather actionable insights.


Lead With a Story

When you need to set a vision for your organization, or get people to think more creatively, or give tough feedback, or lead change, or make recommendations that really stick, or inspire your team, or define the culture and values in your group, you'll have the most success if you use a story instead of just bossing people around, according to speaker Paul Smith, a consumer research executive at Procter & Gamble and author of the best selling book "Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire."

Speaker Q&A: VP of Customer Analytics at Groupon

E-commerce companies have a host of customer information at their fingertips—some more so than others. Eric Rasmussen gets to dive into such data on a daily basis. As VP of Consumer Insights at Chicago-based Groupon Inc., Rasmussen leads global research for the company and brings more than two decades of experience to his role. He has led research departments for companies including Yahoo, eBay and

Making Business Easier at Cisco

Karen Mangia is the Senior Director of Cisco's Listening Services Center of Excellence, which leads Cisco’s Global Voice of Customer, Partner and Field portfolio. She and her team drive customer, partner, and Cisco success through connected listening and insights that shape Cisco’s direction, strategy, investments, and closed-loop process. 

Perspectives on Customer Analytics & Research

Eric Rasmussen, VP of Market Research at Groupon discusses customer research in the tech sector, while Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer of Beartooth Radio talks about communicating off the grid.
This interview was conducted by Todd Nevins from icrunchdata.

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Four Industry Experts on Customer Intelligence & Analytics

We interviewed four of the experts speaking at Customer Intelligence in Action about their favorite strategies, new analytics tools and impressive success stories. The four experts are:
 • Ryan Dirkmaat, Director, Consumer Affairs & Global Insights, Clorox
 • David Levine, VP of Informatics, University Healthcare Consortium 
 • Brian Schmucker, Director, Analytics & Processes, Kelly Services 
 • Dr. Rinat Sergeev, Data Scientist, Harvard/NASA Tournament Lab

CCIQ Executive Report on Contact Center Technology

Technology is the lifeblood of the contact center. From fundamental telephony, automated call distribution and customer relationship management systems to innovative solutions for gamification, omni-channel communication and customer insight management, technological systems are the framework on which the customer experience is built.

Thanks to a combination of proprietary market research and expert commentary, the report evaluates how contact center technology is effecting and being affected by change in the customer experience landscape. It pays specific mind to the rise of cloud-based technology.

40 Ways that Social Analytics Will Help Your Business

What can social analytics do for you? It is not enough to merely have a social presence. You need to strengthen your social media analysis in order to ensure that you’re proactively mastering the social world instead of being dragged along with it. Yes, social media can be used as a sales tool or as a means to improve brand recognition. But social media is also a powerful component of any serious multi-channel strategy to maximize the customer experience and customer engagement.


Infographic: What Are the Most Successful Customer Analytics Initiatives?

Do you know why certain Customer Analytics initiatives are more successful than others? McKinsey & Company surveyed 418 senior executives to determine why and this infographic examines the key points they identified.


Translating Customer Insights into Powerful Data for Coaching and Service

FedEx TechConnect's Larry Midyett discussed the intersection between customer analytics, customer service metrics and coaching strategies.

Tracking the Trends that Matter

In this in-depth presentation, Todd Hale, SVP, Customer & Shopper Insights, Nielsen, shares some great insights on brand trends, pricing vs. value, digital shopping, connecting with customers and experiential retailing.

Customer Intelligence in Retail Finance

Nesrin Umur, Analytics Leader at GE Capital, shared this presentation at last year's Customer Analytics & Intelligence Summit.

Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

Gil Roeder, Director of e-Business at BlackRock Inc., shares how he made it his digital marketing team's goal to efficiently combine aggregate data in order to drive continuous process improvements throughout the organization.

Hit the Deck Running

Find out how to balance the goals of setting expectations, laying the groundwork for long-term success, and providing early insights to demonstrate value - all within a reasonable time frame via Jim Porzak, Senior Data Scientist,

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Customer Intelligence Survey Results

We surveyed our database of global marketing, analytics, customer experience and customer insights professionals to see how they answered the following questions: What is the most effective method of gathering customer insights? What is the biggest barrier to making insights actionable? What will your main customer insight initiative be over the next 12 months?


The 2015 Executive Report on the Customer Experience

This report investigates what organizations doing to determine what customers want? What are they doing to transform that insight into strategy? What are they doing to transform that strategy into action? What are they doing to measure that action? What are they doing to turn that measurement insight into a call for improvement? What are they doing to answer that call?

The Age Gap: Are You Meeting the Needs of All Generations?

According to new findings from Nielsen, industries are largely unprepared to meet the needs of aging consumers. Across brand marketing and advertising, fast-moving consumer goods retailing, finance, housing, transportation and other industries, this latest research sheds light on significant gaps between the products and services currently available and what consumers say they need for their health and well-being in the “golden” years.

Retail USA: What's In Store for 2016?

What's in store for U.S. retail in 2016? By integrating research across its proprietary products, Nielsen developed a forward-looking view of the retail environment encompassing trends in channels and formats, media and communication methods, as well as the impact of consumer trends such as an increasingly aging and ethnic population, the changing definition of convenience, and the continuing focus on health and wellness.

Private Brands U.S. Outlook: Flash in the Pan or the Real Deal?

The not-so-Great Recession turned into a windfall for private label, stimulating consumer interest in and directing retailer focus on store brands. But since the end of 2008, private brand share growth has flattened as brands stepped up their promotion support and innovation efforts.